Warning signs for drivers

Have you noticed any of the following warning signs?

• Incorrect signaling
• Trouble navigating turns
• Moving into a wrong lane
• Confusion at exits
• Parking Inappropriately
• Hitting curbs
• Driving too slowly or too fast
• Delayed responses to unexpected situations
• Not anticipating potential dangerous situations
• Increased agitation or irritation when driving
• Scrapes or dents on the car, garage, or mailbox
• Getting lost in familiar places
• Near misses
• Ticketed moving violations or warnings
• Car accident
• Confusing brake and gas pedals
• Stopping in traffic for no apparent reason

Is there a change in the number or frequency of these warning signs? Do the circumstances and seriousness of the warning signs warrant continued close monitoring, driving modifications or an immediate end to driving?

Some people may find it helpful to keep a record such as the one here to help them make a decision to end driving.

It is a good idea to have a signed agreement such as the one here that will designate a trusted person as responsible for making the decision to end driving privileges.