Enroll-HD Study

Study Sponsor: Center for Huntington’s Disease International

Phase: Observational/Registry Study

Clinical Sites in NC: Duke, Wake Forest

Website: http://enroll-hd.org/

logo-enrollhdEnroll-HD is a worldwide observational study for Huntington’s disease families. It collects information about how disease symptoms first appear and change over time. It is open to people who have the HD gene, At-risk individuals, and spouses or caregivers. Enroll-HD is a prospective observational study, meaning it tracks people over time, rather than asking them to recall how their symptoms have changed. Enroll-HD is also an important platform for helping to launch important clinical trials. The idea is that this one study will make other HD research easier to conduct, thereby speeding up the process of developing new drugs and other treatments that really work.

The goal of Enroll-HD is to build a truly global database of clinical data and biological samples that will accelerate research world-wide. All research participants and clinical sites currently taking part in the REGISTRY and COHORT studies are welcome and encouraged to continue into the new unified Enroll-HD initiative. For more information see the CHDI webpage for Enroll HD and see the Enroll HD brochure, available by clicking here.

Study Locations and Contact Information

Research Coordinator: Christine O’Neill, CRCC
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Winston Salem, NC

Research Coordinator: Peggy Perry-Trice
Duke Movement Disorder Center
Durham, NC

Research Coordinator: Alyson Grant 
HD Clinic, University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Columbia, SC
alyson.grant@usc.med.sc.edu, 803-545-6104