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HD Reach is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to medical care and assistance for all people in North Carolina affected by Huntington’s Disease.

Access to knowledgeable health care has always been a problem for HD families in North Carolina. It is well known that outcomes for patients and families are better when a treatment plan is implemented as planned. Barriers exist, however, for patients and their families to become true partners in their health care. A patient doesn’t have transportation. A caregiver has to work and can’t make all the calls needed to find the right in-home care provider. Finances are strained and there’s not enough money left over to pay for the expensive prescription. The family hasn’t been educated about the disease process and doesn’t know how to manage symptoms or side effects. A person with a psychiatric emergency is turned away from emergency mental health care and resources.

These are just some of the barriers that people affected by HD face in North Carolina. In order to address the gap between treatment plan and implementation, HD Reach provides crisis intervention services, streamlined access to expert care and genetic testing, information about research opportunities, family support, and caregiver education.  As needs arise, HD Reach creates partnerships with organizations that help HD patients and family members. These include specialized HD clinics, support groups, hospitals, nursing care facilities, public charities, government programs and local community resources. We strive for better outcomes, and a higher quality of life for all people with HD and their families.

HD Reach programs are provided free of charge to our clients and funded entirely by charitable donations.



If you do not yet have a Provider account, please contact us at: info@hdreach.org