Medical Equipment and Products

At Home Assessments  – An innovative agency that provides both home safety assessments and construction services to ensure that proper accommodations are made for disabilities
(919) 872-8484
4900 Thornton Rd # 125,
Raleigh, NC 27616-5879

Online Equipment Exchange Board-designed to facilitate the sharing of durable medical equipment-National resource

North Carolina Exchange-local durable medical equipment classifieds

Noa Medical Industries—bedding, padding, low beds, bed enclosures

Hill Rom—customized wheelchairs

Gunnell, Inc—customized wheelchairs

Customized wheelchairs

Wheelchairs, walkers, bath and toileting, dining equipment

Adaptive equipment for recreation and activities of daily living

Fall management

Incontinence products
Women’s reusable lace trim incontinence panty (Walgreen’s)
Women’s washable protective underwear (Walgreen’s)
Women’s washable panty with protective pouch (Adaptive Apparel)
Women’s reusable incontinence brief (Shop National)

Food thickener products