Huntington’s Disease Society of American and the North Carolina Chapter

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) is dedicated to finding a cure for Huntington’s Disease (HD) while providing support and services for those living with HD and their families. HDSA promotes and supports both clinical and basic HD research, provides aid to families coping with the multi-faceted problems presented by HD, and educates families, the public and heath care professionals about Huntington’s Disease.

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The NC Chapter of HDSA is a grassroots, family support that works to raise awareness of HD by organizing fundraisers and events. HD Reach compliments the work of the NC Chapter of HDSA by helping to obtain clinical resources for families with HD, including counseling, medical treatment, and information about clinical trials. Both organizations are deeply committed to the HD community.

Kathleen Martinet, President of NC-HDSA, may be reached at
(336) 508-8693, or via email at

Chapter Activities
To participate in NC HDSA Chapter activities, contact: